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What is counselling?

Feeling sad?  Feeling down?  Stressed?  Need someone to talk to?

​Counselling is:

  • A confidential professional relationship of trust and respect

  • Where you know that someone listens and cares

  • Where you can talk about your concerns and feelings, knowing that you will be respected, not judged

  • An opportunity to understand how or why you are feeling or reacting in a certain way

  • Where you can work out what to do

  • Where you can learn a variety of techniques that can help you manage what you are experiencing

  • Where the counsellor may give you information relevant to what you are experiencing (e.g. information around autism and/or learning disabilities or what happens when we experience loss, change, stress or anxiety).

What is Counselling?: About Us

Respect for All - Key Policies

Please see below the key policies that Respect for All have in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and team.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Respect for All policy and commitment on anti-slavery and human trafficking.

Information Governance Policy

Respect for All policy and procedures on how we safely manage our data within the charity.

What is Counselling?: Files
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