Respect for All Services

We offer counselling services to autistic and or learning disabled people and couples and their families and carers. 

Our counselling sessions take place face to face, over zoom or on the telephone.  Due to the pandemic, most of our sessions are held over zoom but we are now seeing clients face to face where possible. 

We are funded by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and also directly by the Mental Health Teams within the Boroughs of Greater Manchester via a referral from your GP

Our services are all listed below.

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Initial Support Service

Our Initial Support Service offers all clients, family and carers between 

6 - 12 x 30 minute telephone sessions

with one of our counsellors. 

This service is designed for people with lower level support needs. 

You can also access this service while we are waiting to secure funding via a referral from your GP to your local Borough for our main Counselling Service.

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Counselling Service

Our main Counselling Service offers you

12 x 1 hour sessions

with one of our counsellors.

In order to access our main Counselling Service, we will need your GP to make a referral on your behalf to your local Borough's Mental Health Team.  We will guide you through this process every step of the way and until funding is secured, we may be able to offer you support through our Initial Support Service.

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Family Counselling

Our Family Counselling Service offers you

6 x 1 hour counselling sessions

in addition to our main Counselling Service 

Our Family Counselling Service is open to all households where an individual's autism or learning disability within the home is having an impact on you as a family. 

We can work with the members of your family individually or as a whole family with one or more counsellors depending on your situation.

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Post Diagnosis Support

We are able to offer clients who have recently received an autism or learning disability diagnosis support through any of our services.  Whether it is 1-to-1 work or you need support as a family, we will tailor our services to your needs.

We are currently developing a post-diagnosis specific peer led group service - so watch this space!

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