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Respect for All
Counselling Services

We offer counselling services to autistic people, learning disabled people, and their families and carers who live in Greater Manchester and are registered with a Greater Manchester GP.

We offer:

- 1 to 1 counselling

- Family and/or couples counselling

- Parent/carer counselling

Please see below for more information on each service, including important information on how they are funded.

Our counsellors all either identify as neurodiverse or have significant lived experience of autism and/or learning dissabilities.  We use various models of therapy tailored to meet the needs of the client.  Therapeutic approaches may include, but are not limited to, person centred, integrative, solution focused, trauma informed, play therapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and non-verbal and art therapy. 

Our counselling sessions mostly take place online or on the telephone.  We may be able to offer face to face counselling, but please note that the waiting list for this may be considerably longer as we have limited capacity.

Our counsellors are either qualified self-employed counsellors or are student counsellors on placement with us in their final year of study.  All students have passed their competency to practice assessment, conducted by their College or University.

Please fully complete the referral form - click the link below.  Please note, incomplete referral forms cannot be processed.

After we receive your referral, we will contact you to arrange an assessment where we will discuss all our service options with you and guide you through the next steps. You are able to access more than one service.

We offer a flexible working environment at the Charity and many of our service coordinators work part-time.  Once you have submitted your referral form, please be aware that it may be up to 2 weeks before we contact you to book you in for an assessment. Thank you for your patience.

Girl in Therapy

1 to 1 Counselling Service

Our 1 to 1 Counselling Service offers you

12 x 50 minute counselling sessions.

We are flexible and adaptable in our approach to counselling as we are led by you, the client.  You might like your sessions to take place weekly or more spread out.  We aim to pair you with a counsellor that matches your availability, personality and support needs.

We have a very diverse team and our counsellors have a wealth of experience and skills. We work with everything from low to mid-level support needs, such as anxiety and depression, to more complex, multi-layered support needs which might include dual-diagnosis, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, self harm or PTSD.    

How the 1 to 1 counselling service is funded:

This service is funded by your local NHS on a case by case basis.  Each borough has it's own criteria for this. ​ Depending on where you live, we might need you to speak to your GP or local mental health service in order to secure funding for counselling. 

This process is controlled by the NHS and local commissioners. 

Please complete the referral and we will discuss what services we can offer you and support you through this funding process.  If this service isn't an option, we have other support services that you might be able to access.

Information for professionals making a referral on behalf of a client:

The funding approval process for our counselling service differs from borough to borough in Greater Manchester.  Please be aware we may need to speak with you before we can further process your referral, as we may need to work together to apply for funding.

Happy Family

Family Counselling Service

Our Family Counselling Service offers you up to 12 x 50 minute counselling sessions.

(If a member of your family is already accessing the 1 to 1 service, we can offer you up to 6 x 50 minute sessions). 

Our Family Counselling Service is open to all households who want to explore and understand more about autism and learning disability in relation to family dynamics and experiences. 

We work flexibly with the members of your family and can see you individually or as a whole family with one or more counsellors depending on your situation.

This service already has funding in place and does not require separate NHS funding approval. 


Parent / Carer Counsellling Service

Our Parent / Carer Counselling Service offers 6 x 50 minute counselling sessions.

You might want support as you are feeling overwhelmed at home, just need a space to offload with others who understand, or are struggling with the behavioural, emotional, social and/or sensory differences in your autistic and/or learning disabled child. 

An increased awareness of how a child or young person's daily life can be impacted by autism and/or learning dissabilities can be a powerful tool in helping you to further create a supportive environment. 

Our autism awareness groups for parents and carers, where you can meet other people in similar situations, might also be a great option!  

This service already has funding in place and does not require separate NHS funding approval.  

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