Testimonials (Counselling)

Client who had undertaken counselling with Respect for All's help which was funded by the Rochdale CCG. (2015). Personal identifiable information has been removed.

My son has been more open and less blaming of me when things do not go his way. Being able to have counselling together has helped me understand what I can do to help my son and not argue with him all the time.
Counselling has really helped us as a family.

This young man has got a lot from his sessions. He is a much calmer and more settled. He is much happier in school and presents less anxious and worried at school.
Family worker. Re. Young person with autism.

Through the sessions we are learning how to act/behave and feel about different situations. Through the sessions this pupil has found her voice and is able to explain her reasoning behind her thoughts and actions. A very valuable service. Many thanks. We wish the sessions could continue.
Support teacher of a young person with autism.

I could not have gone through my pregnancy without my counsellor. He gave me relaxation DVDs to help me relax at the birth. He also helped me understand my mixed emotions. How the counsellor helped me change I’ll never know.
Thank you so very much.
Client with autism.

I feel like a new person that I never knew existed. I never thought I could feel like I do now.

The counselling is involving and holistic. And that makes a big difference on how it works. I feel calmer and at peace within myself. As a carer I now realize that I have to take care of myself also. At the moment I feel good.

I do not know what I would have done without this service. The service is good because the sessions go up to 12 weeks and because the service specialises in autism. I have felt the practical help has also been useful, supporting me to make telephone calls when faced with anxiety and a letter of support for funding regarding the autistic society.
Client with autism.

Knowing there is someone to listen to me just built my confidence and made me whole again.
I can cope better. Just better all round.

This client has undertaken counselling with Respect for All's help which was funded by the Rochdale CCG. (2015)

My counsellor was excellent. When I had to cancel due to seizures she understood and adjusted our sessions to meet my needs as un-able to travel to venue. She cycled to my venue instead – a long journey, each time which showed commitment, care and consideration.
She adapted to my needs [person centred] and understood my ups and downs. What more could I ask for? It was brilliant, positive, respectful, person centred Counselling from someone who understood my difficulties and challenges of my Asperger’s and Epilepsy.

This client has since managed to find the confidence to secure a diagnosis for Aspergers at a late age and make more sense of society with Respect for All's help which was funded by the Rochdale CCG after this piece was written. (2014)

Quite a lot has happened in my short life (45 years) and as of recent, a lot is starting to make sense which is has helped me to forgive people who have met me and misunderstood me for even then they did not know.

Since primary school all I’ve known was grief. Later on in my life I find that I am trying to find answers of why I behave as I do and why I’m, for better of a description, “feeling alienated” and walked over. This in turn has not helped my karma. Bring stressed, not knowing in which direction to turn and guessing what to do to try find out why I am the way I am and why, even in my adult years, the feeling are not that much changed.

During 2004 I asked my GP that I want to to talk to someone and not pop pills to which I was referred to the Psychology department. Things about me bubbled up, but it seems a lot got missed. This is a journey that started well before 2004. Recently I have gone down the NHS route again to where the GP referred me to a local psychological (or psychiatry) department, where I felt like I was dismissed and then referred to a cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT), which does seem to have helped.

After doing some research during that route I’ve come to the conclusion that once one is above a certain age to be classed a child then the system seems not to care anymore. The rules change. I have a copy of a letter sent to my GP what seems to state that there is nothing within the NHS that’s there to help anyone who might or may have the likes of Asperger.

After this realisation the CBT nurse seemed to realise that this may not be the right route and told me about Respect for All. It did take me a while to get in contact because I had to push through a barrier that tried to convince me that calling Respect For All would be a waste of time, that again I’m being bounced all over the place because professional and educated people don’t have a clue how to help me.

I approached Respect For All with thoughts, but I’ve been proven wrong. During counselling and, so far, two group sessions things seem clearer and I feel like I’m going in the right general direction and not feel like a ball in a pin-ball machine, feeling like the other professionals are more interested in their budgets and less for the person. With Respect for All, someone’s actually listening and taking the time to help me explore my questions and worries. For one confirm that I am normal. I now just have to somehow find the strength to approach my GP again and face all the same hurdles. Hopefully more informed so I might be able to educate the GP!

All am seeking is an answer. As much as I don’t like a label, in this stupid society it’s the only way everyone can understand. Also for peace of mind I want to be sent to the right place to be correctly assessed and from the answer I get I’ll know in which direction to steer my life, but this time in peace.

My regret that I’ve not encountered the likes of Respect for All years ago. An organisation who does not care about age and treats everyone equal and the time to listen and help one explore their feelings.

I’ve been granted a sense of direction and that means a lot to me. Something I’ve been trying to discover about myself, why I behaved as I did, why I behave as I do in the present and hopefully be better for the future.

I can’t really thank the CBT nurse enough for pointing me towards Respect for All. I just hope I’ll be able to get my GP to understand and refer me to get an official diagnosis, to which I’ll know for sure how to proceed with my life and if it turns out to be positive, to use that to squash any form of prejudice and misunderstanding that gets in my way.

I just wish to be accepted for who I am and lead a normal life. I hope I’m not asking for too much.

This client has got back in contact after securing a diagnosis through the G.P. and has provided an update to this testimonial:

I've finally got my diagnosis and I was right. I knew my own mind where others doubted it. The diagnosis for being on the autistic spectrum for Aspergers was satisfied, scoring over the official threshold. Was a bit of a surreal moment, but what matters is that an important question was answered about me and my past once and for all. Makes it a lot easier to stop beating myself up for being a failure when really the failure was of others who innocently and simply didn't understand me as I didn't understand them,

Without the help offered and someone really listening to me and understand me I don't think I would have ever got to where I am. Am I happier, yes. I now do a bit feel more at peace and hope this develops.

Personally, I don't want this label, it's the wider society that needs the label to understand me as the wider society seems to be clueless and it's the wider society that needs educating. Individuals on the autistic spectrum need rehabilitating for the damage done by the typical members of society.

For confidentiality purposes personal identifiable information is removed.

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