Our services

One to one Counselling

  • A confidential one-to-one relationship of trust and respect
  • Where you can talk about your concerns and feelings, knowing that you will be respected, not judged
  • An opportunity to understand how or why you are feeling or reacting in a certain way
  • Where you can work out what to do
  • Where the counsellor may give you information relevant to what you are experiencing (e.g. what happens when we experience loss and change, relaxation, stress and anxiety management, how people have lived with Aspergers, and other sources of help)
  • Where you know that someone listens and cares

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One to one Play Therapy

  • Usually more appropriate than talk based counselling for younger clients
  • Like counselling, it’s a safe confidential place to explore difficult feelings
  • Based on play

Couples counselling/Relationships counselling

We also offer family support, and can work with more than one family member in a way that suits people’s needs

We work with groups, for example, to help people deal with bullying, bereavement and hate crime, or to facilitate carers in setting up a self help support group

Aspergers Support Group
Enabling people to forge friendships, meet other people and share experiences
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There is a lack of available training for counsellors in working with learning disability and autism. One of our aims is to extend skills to mainstream counselling services. Topics include Understanding Aspergers, using non-verbal communication skills, and creative and expressive therapy. We offer training days and workshops which can be tailor-made to your particular requirements. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Staff Support and Supervision

We offer:

  • Counselling Supervision to counsellors from other agencies, either as a regular contract or as one off consultations
  • Professional Supervision to people working in other settings
  • Staff support and counselling for staff who are encountering stress and loss (e.g. client death) in the course of their work

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Training placement

We offer a high quality training placements to a small number of trainees. On qualification, counsellors may be assessed for paid work, or choose to remain as volunteers.
People joining the organisation have a named mentor. All counsellors have an external counselling supervisor, and benefit from peer supervision within the organisation.
Our trainees have been carefully selected for their understanding of, and ability to relate to, our client group, as at this time, we do not have the resources to guarantee the extra training and support that might be required for someone both new to counselling at Diploma level, and to the needs of the clients.

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Contracts and Commissions

We have considerable experience taking referrals from statutory services who find it difficult to provide accessible counselling support to people on the autism spectrum and learning-disabled people from within their generic service.
If you are a statutory provider eg. GP, mental health service, learning disability service seeking to make a referral, we ask for individual contracts. Please contact us for more about our fees and any other information you may need

Downloadable leaflets

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Call us on 0161 532 4070 or email us at counselling@respectforall.org.uk