Our people

Our Counsellors

All our counsellors have experience of learning disability, autism, or being a carer. This might be from their personal life or from the work they have done. We can offer a male or female counsellor and we do our best to match the client with the counsellor who has the best skills for that individual’s needs.

They travel to a place that suits the client. This may be someone’s home or a place like a day service, school, or community centre. We also have counselling rooms in some boroughs. Most of our counselling work happens during the day-time however some counsellors can work evenings and weekends.

They offer many different kinds of counselling including person-centred, integrative, and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). To learn more about different approaches click here

Our Trustees

Respect for All is run by our Trustees. They are people who have relevant experience, such as experience and knowledge of our clients, fund-raising, accounts, budgeting, interviewing, IT skills, advertising, good people skills, or simply want to help improve Services for the people we work with.

Our Volunteers

Respect for All has many people who help in us in a voluntary capacity. If you would like to find out more about volunteering, then please contact us

Call us on 0161 532 4070 or email us at counselling@respectforall.org.uk