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NOTE: If you wish to provide confidential and personal information then it is suggested that you either call us or request that someone calls you back.

Who can make a referral

A referral can be made by

  1. Professionals
  2. Family members
  3. The client

How do I make a referral?
To make a referral, telephone or text 0790 222 3743. You will either speak directly to our co-ordinator or leave a message and she will return your call.
The referral form can be completed either with our co-ordinator over the phone or she can send you a form via email
The form will ask you about:

The Referrer
Job title
Relationship to client
Address including postcode
Contact details (telephone numbers and email)

Client Details
Date Of Birth
Address inc postcode
Address including postcode
Contact details (telephone numbers and email)

Carer's/Parent's Details (if needed)
Job title
Relationship to client
Address including postcode
Contact details (telephone numbers and email)

Reason for referral
Who should Respect for All contact to arrange the counselling?
Is the client aware of this referral?
Are there any risks we need to know about?
Where is the best venue for this client?
Does the client have a strong preference for a female or male counsellor?
Is the client either receiving or awaiting any other therapeutic intervention?
Has this client received a service from us before?
Has the client got a learning disability? Autism? or is a carer?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

GP Details
Address including postcode
Contact details (telephone number)

What happens after the referral has been made?
The client is now on our waiting list. The waiting time varies – at the moment it is no longer than twelve weeks.
The counsellor will then contact the named person and make arrangements for the counselling to start.

You may request to be contacted by supplying contact details on the contact form below or call us,

Call us on 0161 532 4070 or email us at